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creating marketplaces on the Net

System consultancy is not just about developing plain old websites. It is about working on a concept and making it real. These "Homepages" as you've known them since the early 90's aren't simple sets of HTML files since a while ago - a modern website is directed by highly skilled software systems specializing in Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Ressource Management - or maybe a simple Weblog tool such as Wordpress, this being a standard tool for content mashup via XML.

Focussing small and medium companies, in each of these areas there are successful products and business models, which I enjoy demonstrating. Take these pages, for example - they're based on Typo3, a content management system distributed using open source licencing rules. You can use it for free, I just offer know how - affordable conditions granted.

How do I come to realize and provide projects like these? Maybe you want to ask me. It's not like I've done things like these since yesterday only - and, yes, I do admit I'm a bit proud of it.