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creative commons


On this site we feature opinions, ideas and hints concerning topics like web 2.0, webdesign, as well as internet based product marketing and distribution. Consulting services covering information technology systems, particularly database systems, web based user interfaces and distributed applications are offered.

Every text on this site, be it on static pages or filed under 'tidings' (in german version)  is written by me, Michael Finkenthei. This only excludes comments made by others on the tidings. It's probably arguable if these texts are worth copying at all, but if somebody wants to copy anything - please go ahead - legal conditions should be clear to follow. Since anyone can easily be called a criminal for copying a file nowadays, being clear on this is simply part of etiquette.


Attibution 2.0 Germany

You're free to copy, distribute and transmit all texts you find on this website. You may also remix or adapt these texts.

You must attribute any text you find here by the Name of the author (Michael Finkenthei if not mentioned otherwise, names of the authors of News comments apply as well) in a way that does not suggest you're endorsed by Michael Finkenthei. So please, no links right out of your advertising areas, and none with "nofollow"-attributes, for example, but friendly mention .


The rules of creative commons licence fully apply to all texts of this website.

The copyright of Google Adsense ads is, of course, held by Google Inc.

The copyright of any 3rd party trademark featured on this site is, of course, held by the respective owners of the trademark.