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Internet-based distribution channels

Experienced more than 25 years in the fields of database architecture, internet technologies and application development.

Dealing with every aspect of your sales solution:

  • conceptual design
  • realisation
  • business
  • public relations

A good distribution channel reaches every customer. Anywhere and any time.

Nowadays, almost everyone doing business has a website of their own ? but that's just the beginning. Is your website presenting your products in a favourable light? Do your customers find your website? What about their orders? Are they processed right away? What about Content Management? And Customer Relationship Management? How can small or medium companies get their benefit out of these as well as large ones? So many questions, so little time...

conceptual design

Who are your customers and where are they? How do you stimulate their interest? How can you reach them?

Having a website in itself is certainly a good start. But why should someone look at it? Where do you promote it? How are you sure your website speaks the language of your customers? And what can you do to keep your customers loyal and happy?


Heard enough of buzzwords like J2EE, PHP, SOAP, XML? Your IT is busy anyway?

No matter who is looking at your pages − the most important things are shown first. Your pages build up quickly and make best use of the whole of the display, of any given PC, laptop or PDA. And of course you can edit news quickly and easily, without having to phone up your agency. Isn't that worth considering?


You want your customer's orders fast and without worms or viruses? And no further hassles?

It really doesn't make any difference to me if you run a data centre or a single PC. Isn't it good to know that your company's connection is best both for performance and safety?

public relations

Promote your business - and talk about it every day!

You don't have to stick to ad banners and print advertisements to raise attention for your website. How about some PR of a new type - success oriented?

As long as you don't just deal with everyday's goods - why should your website not make it to the news? You're only going to pay for this service when your site is really mentioned in the media. This does, however, depend on where and how detailed.

I'd really like to tell you more about this. Just ask! But just for now − PR is just one sideline of my work. I'm offering this service individually, too. I don't have to build your Website to make it popular.

Answers from experience. for well over 25 years.