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Improve your Website


So you're located in Mecklenburg or Western Pomerania, you already use e-mail in your office, and you have a website? People can find your phone and fax number and get an order through to you? Now, is that all you can do to satisfy your customers?

Here's my offer to you: I'll have a professional look on your site, and show up your opportunities to improve the services you offer online. If you're interested, we can talk costs as well.

This offer is for free. You just have to think about it. It is that easy.

To be able to offer this to you, I need the URL of your Website, and the Email address of a person responsible for the Website. Feel free to give me  Name and phone number (both is not required at this time) of this person - assuming that is you?



The information you provide here is sent to the maintainer of by e-mail. It is solely for use in purpose of the offer described above.