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So your company have got their corporate design and identity? Marketing is busy and your IT as well? What about your ad agency? Do all of them communicate seamlessly?

Web based communication between employees and applications inhouse as well as between companies and their customers is based on processes nowadays that are well analyzed and mapped on computer systems - mostly using web based technologies. Screen design in an ergonomical and device-independent way is as important as defining interfaces for applications. How does your accountancy compute customers data and orders delivered by your website?

Whether you need any of these is mostly depending on your company's size and structure. Even for a self-dependend one-man-company, nowadays it is most important to have a grip on at least an acounting system and a website built to assist your customers.

What I can do for you

Co-operation between web-based applications and their users is one of my focal points since well over 25 years now. I have been specializing on analyzing and developing interfaces between applications. With this background, screen design in an ergonomical way is another focal point of mine.

So I certainly have the background to keep buzzwords like Java, PHP, SOAP, XML away from you if you like - unless you want to hear about them.

I'm here to assist you in making your IT work mostly hassle-free together with marketing - and even with external agencies. To make your content get through - no matter whether via internet, your print catalogue or even on fairs you want to attend.


So you don't work with an agency?

You wouldn't even want to? And your IT is based on your local PC? Maybe my work itself is well enough for you - I won't charge you more than you want to afford, anyway. So why don't you just ask me?